What Are You Covering With? What to Look for in Your Next Vehicle Cover

What Are You Covering With? What to Look for in Your Next Vehicle Cover

by admin elite on August 03, 2022 Categories: News

While EliteShield’s main purpose is to help our clients find high quality Car, Boat, and RV covers, we also provide helpful information so you can make an informed buying decision. When it comes to choosing your next vehicle cover, the material choices can be overwhelming at first. All EliteShield covers are made from our exclusive fabrics that are specially designed to meet the challenges associated with protecting your car, truck, SUV, boat, jet ski, and RV from harsh elements of the great outdoors.  

Features of a Quality Protective Cover

There are many features that go into a high quality cover, and some are more important than others depending on what vehicle is being covered or your location and weather patterns.

Breathability - Breathable fabric allows for the air to move freely in and out of your vehicle. Extra important for boats or RVs, since they are usually highly seasonal and sit for the majority of the year between uses. It also cuts down on the possibility of mold or mildew developing- a headache nobody wants to deal with cleaning!

UV Protection - UV Rays will damage anything left outside over an extended period of time. They will dull and fade the finish of your paint, and degrade the structure of fiberglass over an extended period of time. They will also dry out any exposed areas of the vehicle such as seats on your boat, the spare tire on the back of your RV, and so on. 

UV Reflection - While this sounds similar to UV Protection, it is totally worth highlighting separately. In warmer climates, sunny areas, and hot weather, the level of damage from the sun is amplified because of the direct UV rays reaching the ground. Our silver finish covers are specially designed to reflect as many of those rays away from your vehicle as possible- meaning a higher level of protection and a cooler internal temperature- and less time before you’re able to use it.

Water Resistant - Water accumulation causes mold, mildew, corrosion, and general unpleasantness to deal with when you want to use a vehicle. Keeping it away from your boats, RVs, cars, and other vehicles extends both the time needed between upkeep services and the overall lifespan of your investments.

Durability - Lower quality covers will wear out quickly and kind of nullify the whole point of trying to protect your vehicle. EliteShield covers are designed to hold up to wind, snow, rain, and sun, and depending on the product come with different warranties on the off chance something goes wrong. 

Easy Installation - Ease of installation is essential. There isn’t always a team of highly skilled people ready to help you get your vehicle covered- sometimes it's just you and a piece of fabric larger than your vehicle. Being able to put it on when you need to, and take it off easily when you are ready to enjoy your toy is super important. 

The Fun Stuff

Now that you know the categories, let’s talk about the covers.

ShieldAll Ultimate™ - Top of the line, this tough polyester material with soft fleece is rated 5/5 on water resistance, breathability, durability, and UV reflection, making it perfect for heavy duty year round outdoor storage in any climate or weather conditions. The silver coating makes water roll right off, and it keeps vehicle interiors up to 20ºF cooler than the outside temperature. It also has a soft fleece inner layer to protect the exterior of your vehicle from scratches. Best of all, it’s available for all automotive vehicles from cars to trucks, in all the RV styles we carry, and motorcycles.

Elite Premium™ - A single layer,light weight and  UV treated soft polyester fabric.. The fabric itself is waterproof, very strong and durable, and is best suited for colder and wetter climates.  It does have a 5/5 rating on water resistance, durability, UV protection, and breathability, which is great for outdoor storage and very easy to handle. It’s available for all styles of vehicle and RV covers

Elite Supreme™ - Made by 4 layer non woven material with soft fleece backing,  While it is less water resistant than our Ultimate options, Elite Supreme™ is still highly rated for UV protection, durability, and breathability. A major benefit of this fabric is the anti-scratch fleece lining. This material is suited for all climates and both indoor and outdoor storage. Available for all styles of vehicles and motorcycles.

Elite Economy Guard™ - Our most economical and cost effective option, covers in this line are really best suited for primarily indoor use for dust protection while still being effective for light outdoor use. They are lightweight and easy to handle and have a 5/5 rating on breathability and UV protection  Available in all vehicles including cars (great for storing vintage models!), trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and travel trailers.

Elite ProShield™ - Our exclusive Elite ProShield™ covers are constructed of top quality, heavyweight, solution dyed marine grade polyester for fade proof protection from the elements, usually available in multiple color options. The durable, tear resistant fabric is specially treated for UV protection and features waterproof taped seams. Elite ProSield™ covers are also mildew resistant. Covers are available for boats, jet skis, golf carts, and snowmobiles.

TitanShield™ - One of the most durable, waterproof materials we have available, TitanShield™ has been our go-to choice when designing hardy covers that stand up to the great outdoors for all manner of powersports vehicles. It is solution dyed for fade resistance, features UV protective technology, and is also tear resistant. Available for snowmobilesATVs, UTVs, tricycles, motorcycles, scooters, jet skis, and even T-Top boats

FeatherShield™ - These feature waterproof fabric with double reinforced seams. Their light weight nature makes them best suited for indoor use, but are still durable enough to stand up to years of use. A great option for taking on road trips where you need something sturdy to cover your ATV or UTV with. 

ArgentShield™ - This material is lighter weight than our ShieldAll Ultimate™ option, but features the same reflective silver finish to repel harmful UV rays and repel rain and snow during outdoor storage. Reinforced seams on all covers add to the five star durability rating of this material. This material is also lightweight for easy installation and storage. Available for jet skis and V-hull boats.

Time to Get Covered  

At EliteShield, we have you and your investments covered. We want to make sure when it comes to protective cover materials that check all of the major boxes as far as what you need to look for. Our covers are made from a range of fabrics, from super breathable fabric that is both UV and moisture resistant to heavy duty covers that are made of waterproof and UV reflective fabric. Our covers are lightweight, and also simple to install. There is really no better choice for your next car, truck, SUV, or RV cover than EliteShield.com