Keep Your Boat ShipShape: Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Boat

Keep Your Boat ShipShape: Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Boat

by admin elite on July 19, 2022 Categories: News

“If you aren’t preparing for success, you’re preparing to fail.” How many times have you heard someone try to motivate themselves to do something using that quote? Especially for things that  may not be all that much fun, but are necessary to prevent something bigger and more unpleasant from happening later. Washing your boat is one of those things, and it’s definitely something worth succeeding at. 

Washing a boat seems counterintuitive- aren’t boats the toys that you put into bodies of water? Well, yes, and though it might seem like an unnecessary task, keeping up with general cleanliness can only prevent headaches for future you. Those headaches (mold and mildew, pests, general untidiness) make you spend extra money and/or give up time on the water, neither of which are worth sacrificing simply because giving your boat a bath might not be at the top of your list of fun summer activities. Taking a minute to plan out what you need to wash your boat means less time doing chores and more time out on the lake, truly enjoying what you have. 

Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Boat

Cleaning your boat might not be fun, but it is essential. In order to keep your boat (or any watercraft for that matter) in top condition, a thorough cleaning is essential. Follow these tips to a shipshape vessel each and every time you take it out on the water. 

  • Be Prepared - So many people think that simply pressure washing your boat is good enough. It’s not. While the initial rinse you give it is important (More about that in the next point, be patient) making sure you have everything you need to clean your boat is the first step to success. Check out our friends at for a full list of boat cleaning supplies you need to have before you start your boat cleaning process. 

  • Wetter is Always Better - We told you it would be the next point. Giving your boat a light rinse before washing it is critical. Not only does it wet the surface so that you don’t risk grinding dirt and debris into the finish of your hull, but it will also rinse any loose dirt and debris off of your hull so that you can actually clean the surface of your boat. 

  • Use a Mitt & Be Gentle - Just like with your land-based vehicles, boat surfaces can be scratched and damaged by hard, abrasive scrubbers. Most of what you are cleaning off of your boat will come off with a gentle cleaning cloth or mitt. Use your cloth or mitt to remove all debris from the surface of your boat, and keep it looking its best for those times you are looking to show it off on the lake. Keeping the finish scratch free also helps it last longer, which means lower upkeep costs for you!

  • Dry After Cleaning - This might sound a little bit extra, but bare with us. By thoroughly drying your watercraft after you clean it, you are not only able to avoid streaks and water spots on your finish, but you are also able to inspect the hull for any damage that might have been covered by dirt. Take a couple extra minutes and make sure your boat is good to go before you pull off. 

  • Wash After Use - By washing your boat after you use it, you are able to ensure that it is stored in the cleanest possible condition. This lets you be comfortable that the next time you are looking to take your boat out on the water, it is in the best possible shape. It also allows you to make sure that your last voyage onto the water was a non-damaging one for your watercraft.


Bonus Tip - Get yourself a high-quality boat cover to protect your boat in between uses. A quality boat cover from EliteShield will help to keep all kinds of bad things from happening to your boat while you wait to hit the water again. EliteShield offers top of the line boat covers for all sizes, makes, and models of watercraft. Check them out today. 

Get Ready to Enjoy the Water

While cleaning your boat is not something many people have high on their Want-To-Do list, it is an essential part of keeping your pleasure craft in seaworthy condition. Take these tips to heart, and follow them when you are getting your boat ready to enjoy the water.