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Bimini tops are an add-on item available to many models of boat to create shade while enjoying hot weather on the water. They make your boat a more comfortable environment by protecting you from dangerous UV rays, light rain showers, and adding privacy. Sun damage can occur to skin with as little as 15 minutes of exposure according to the CDC, and sun rays are intensified by reflections from bodies of water. Using a bimini top gives people a place to get away from direct sunlight and stay cool.

EliteShield™ bimini tops are available in four styles, nine colors, and a range of sizes to fit any style or boat. Made from super heavy duty 600D marine grade canvas, these bimini tops have been loved by boating enthusiasts for years and have been a staple of many seasons on the water. EliteShield™ also offers accessories and hardware to enhance your bimini top experience including spare hardware and fishing rod holders.


Finding the right Bimini Top for your boat is easy when you buy from EliteShield. Two main factors go into choosing the right one: width and amount of bows. Simply measure your boat from side to side and choose the corresponding width bimini top. The larger the top you’re looking for, the more bows you will need for support. EliteShield makes it easy to find which cover is right for you with our product highlights and features.

Our Exclusive Fabrics


SolaquaShield™ is our exclusive material for bimini tops. Constructed of 600D solution dyed polyester marine-grade canvas, it is fade resistant, treated to protect from UV rays, and is waterproof.

Care Of:Wash with cool water. Do not use any sort of liquid detergents or soap. Air dry.

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Installation Tips For Your Bimini Top


    EliteShield™ Bimini Tops come with an included assembly and installation manual. Getting the Bimini Top onto your boat is a two step process.


    You will need a screwdriver and a drill for this process. Remove all components from packaging, and check everything is there. If not, contact customer service immediately.


    Begin assembly by laying the canvas canopy flat with zipper side (interior) up, and unzip all zippers. Connect arm poles to their corresponding straight poles. Make sure the pin sets are aligned to connect the two poles. Lay the frame atop the canvas, making sure to align each bow with its zipper pocket. Zip them up and move on to installation.


    The best position to install the Bimini Top is different for every boat. Take some time to decide where your ideal spot is. Once that decision has been reached, mark the position where the deck or side mounts will be placed on the boat itself. Use a 3.2mm drill bit to make the holes for mount attachments. If drilling into fiberglass, countersink holes to prevent chipping. Use a small amount of marine caulking (we recommend 5200) in each hole drilled. For an alloy, use a barrier paste such as Duralac (not included) to prevent corrosion. Attach the Bimini top to the first set of fittings using the included self threading screws. Fold out the rear arms and mark their location on the gunwale. Repeat the drilling and screwing process as previously described. Clip the ends of the front straps into the stainless steel saddle hardware. Pull tight and mark the position of the holes in the saddles, and repeat the drilling and screwing process. Shorten straps to ensure proper tension is achieved to hold the Bimini Top in desired position. Double check all other screws and nuts are tight.


    Always use a boot to protect your Bimini Top when not in use. Do not use your Bimini Top at vessel speeds of more than 45 miles per hour. Do not lay the Bimini Top directly on boat seats or other leather surfaces, especially while wet. Keep in mind that fading due to sun exposure is a natural result of outdoor exposure, although our solution dyed polyester is engineered to resist fading as long as possible.


EliteShield has been an innovative leader in the automotive and marine covers industry for over 20 years, pioneering products like the semi-custom fit covers, stylish dual-tone options, and popularizing the use of high-tech fabrics and finishes to resist UV damage and mildew. By picking EliteShield covers, you are choosing 20+ years of expertise to protect your investments from wear, tear, and the elements.


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Tips To Buy the Correct Bimini Top and How To Maintain It

Boating can be the ideal way to enjoy a fun and leisurely day out on the water, but having a Bimini top is essential to ensure your experience isn't spoiled by bad weather. Many state-of-the-art options are available depending on your needs, whether you are looking for one that can be deployed quickly, has protective enclosures, or offers long-term durability and requires minimum maintenance.

The range of models available means that everyone can find one suited to their use; whether you're an occasional boater or a more frequent user, there's something tailored for you.

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What is a Bimini top?

Bimini tops are among the most popular and practical items any boat owner can have. Not only do they ensure you stay protected from the elements, but these canvas covers also look great when matched with the right boat. When picking out the correct Bimini top for your boat, you’ll want to consider several factors, such as fabric weight, size, and shape, which should all reflect the make and model of your vessel. In addition, it's essential to factor in aesthetic qualities such as frame material and color. With the right design and technology, your Bimini top will become a significant asset in ensuring safe fun on the water for years to come.

Tips to Buy the Correct Bimini Top
1. Find out if you need a Bimini top.

Invest in a Bimini top if you like being close to nature, and often take out your boat to create memorable experiences.

Bimini tops are an absolute must-have for any boat lover who wants to get the most out of their time on the water. These tops make boating more comfortable and enjoyable by protecting you from getting dehydrated and sunburned and covering you from the sun’s damaging UV rays. When you invest in a Bimini top, you add style and value to your boat and make the most of your investment by spending more hours doing what you love best – relaxing, cruising, or fishing!

2. Know What Type of Boat you Have.

When selecting the perfect Bimini top for your boat, the type and make of your boat should be the first consideration. Different types of boats will have varying requirements regarding size, shape, and materials used. Knowing your boat's specifications will ensure you get the best possible coverage for your craft and the accessories that come with it, as well as being able to plan for other additions, such as lights and fans.

3. Accurate Measurement is The Key

Taking accurate measurements of your boat is the most crucial step in finding the perfect Bimini top for your boat. To determine your desired size, carefully measure your boat's width and length using a tape measure. It's often easy to overlook slight variances in size, which can make a big difference, so be extra thorough while taking these measurements.

Width: When choosing a Bimini top for your boat, measuring the width accurately is essential. Measure from the mounting point on either side of the boat and make sure they match as closely as possible - any discrepancies between the width of your vessel and the Bimini can cause problems while installing.

Length: Deciding the length of your boat cover involves personal preference and what type of boat you have. Are you mainly looking for shade from the sun or a cover to keep rain and wind away? How much deck space do you want to leave exposed for use on the boat? Are there extra fixtures that need to be considered, such as railings or posts? Answering these questions will help you determine an appropriate length for your Bimini top.

Height: To determine the height of your Bimini top, you should start by standing inside the boat and then measuring from the mounting points to where you want the Bimini top to rest. It will help you understand how high or low it should be relative to the supporting mounts. Whether you want shade when standing or seated, you should adjust your measurements accordingly.

4. Determine the Style and Type of Bimini top You Want

Finding the perfect Bimini top for your boat is a worthy endeavor. You can quickly go overboard, but with proper research and measurement, you can pick one which fits perfectly and is aesthetically pleasing. It’s worth taking into account every detail each step of the way - making sure all hardware lines up, getting accurate measurements of width and height, and selecting a color that will complement the features you want to show off rather than clashing against the overall look of your vessel.

Color: Variation in Bimini color is almost limitless, and the choice comes down to personal preference. Whether you go for bold, bright colors or rich, subtle hues will depend on your taste to achieve the desired look. Choose materials that retain their color over time, such as marine-grade fabrics, to ensure a long-lasting result. The great thing about the wide selection of colors available today is that there is something out there to suit any boat finish and complement its style, whether a simplistic white top on a wooden rowing boat or striking yellow on a sleek motorboat.

Fabric: Fabric is another important factor to consider when buying Bimini tops. OEM Bimini tops are built with materials tested for safety and durability. Off-the-shelf covers provide a range of colors, sizes, and price points, allowing for greater customization with the budget in mind. Custom Bimini tops offer unique designs, made specifically for your boat's setup and created from fabrics specially sourced to enhance longevity and weather resistance.

5. Choose the Right Brand

Shopping for a Bimini top may seem intimidating, given the many choices available. One crucial factor to consider when purchasing a Bimini top is the brand. The right brand of Bimini top should last for many years, so it's worth researching and opting for quality over price.

Choose EliteShield
EliteShield has over 20 years of experience in the automotive and marine covers industry and is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to kit out their boat with a high-quality Bimini top. With unbeatable prices and an unrivaled selection of Bimini tops to choose from, you'll be sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly. On top of that, EliteShield also offers excellent customer service and easy return policies, making us one of the most trusted brands providing you with the best Bimini top experience!
Tips to Maintain Your Bimini Tops

A few tips for maintaining your Bimini tops are:

  1. Before towing your boat, lowering and folding up the Bimini is essential. While this may be an extra task that takes more time, doing so will prevent damage to the canvas fabric from wind resistance.
  2. A simple way to maintain your Bimini top is to spray it with a waterproofer/canvass protectant solution every spring. This will create an extra layer of water resistance between your fabrics and rain, salt water, or other agents that can cause wear and tear over time.
  3. As your boat cruises, keeping an eye on your Bimini and its stability is important. Constant side-to-side motion of the boat can loosen the mounts and joints over time if left unchecked. Installing supports, even if just straps, can help keep that Bimini in top shape while allowing you to continue enjoying your boating experience.
  4. Making sure to take the proper care of your Bimini is essential for prolonging its lifetime. Start by always using a mild soap, but never use a detergent as it could damage the canvass, and giving it a gentle scrub-down every once in a while will keep your canvas in good condition.
  5. The Bimini top canvas is treated with a water-repellent finish, so rain or salt water can bead and run off the surface. However, if subjected to regular exposure or frequent use of cleaning agents, this finish can diminish over time - ultimately leaving your Bimini top exposed to the elements.
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