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Select your year, make, and model from the search boxes above. All search results will fit your specific boat . Alternatively, measure your vehicle from bumper to bumper and select the size from the drop down menu; all resulting covers will fit boats of the dimensions input.

Our Exclusive Fabrics


Our exclusive ArgentShield™ finish features a reflective finish to direct harmful UV rays away from the vehicle’s finish, as well as a hydrophobic finish to repel rain and snow during outdoor storage. Reinforced seams on all covers add to the five star durability rating of this material. This material is also lightweight for easy installation and storage.

Care Of: Wash with cool water. Do not use any sort of liquid detergents or soap. Air dry.


Our Exclusive Fabrics

Elite ProShield™

Our exclusive Elite ProShield™ covers are constructed of top quality, heavyweight, solution dyed polyester for fade proof protection from the elements. The durable, tear resistant fabric is specially treated for UV protection and features waterproof taped seams. Elite ProShield™ covers are also mildew resistant.

Care Of: Wash with cool water. Do not use any sort of liquid detergents or soap. Air dry.


Our Exclusive Fabrics


TitanShield™ is our exclusive, most durable waterproof material for boat covers. It is solution dyed for fade resistance, features UV protective technology, and is also tear resistant.

Care Of: Wash with cool water. Do not use any sort of liquid detergents or soap. Air dry.


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EliteShield has been an innovative leader in the automotive and marine covers industry for over 20 years, pioneering products like the semi-custom fit covers, stylish dual-tone options, and popularizing the use of high-tech fabrics and finishes to resist UV damage and mildew. By picking EliteShield covers, you are choosing 20+ years of expertise to protect your investments from wear, tear, and the elements.


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Tips To Protect Your Boat

It’s not every day that you buy a boat. So when you make such a significant investment, it is only logical that you would want to keep your boat shipshape for a long time, so you could enjoy a little proximity to nature whenever you are at sea.

Taking your boat out and enjoying the sunshine is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures of owning a boat. But, it is important to bear in mind that the sun's rays can cause considerable damage to various components of your vessel. Ultraviolet rays are detrimental, affecting your boat’s vinyl furniture, flooring, and other essential parts. Moreover, algae and debris in the marine environment can also damage your vessel since they can corrode any exposed metal parts over time.

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Saltwater exposure is another risk associated with being out on the ocean. Salt increases wear and tear of the boat across all surfaces. In addition, it can cause rusting, which can inevitably lead to more severe issues with respect to motor performance. So cleaning your boat regularly is essential for any boat owner. It is one of the most effective ways of maintaining your boat and avoiding wear and tear.

Taking the time to clean your boat thoroughly helps to preserve the material that comes in contact with the elements and can improve functionality in certain areas. In addition, when you eventually decide to upgrade, buyers will be more inclined to purchase a well-cleaned boat that looks good - which means you may even get a better price for your ride. Finally, following a routine cleaning schedule should be considered standard practice when it comes to boating to avoid problems at sea that can quickly lead to disastrous consequences. Keeping your boat clean makes it look better and plays a vital role in its longevity.

Easy Tips to Protect Your Boat

While basic upkeep tasks can be typically managed by the owner, it is wise to bring in professionals for occasional more extensive maintenance intervals. This article will give you a comprehensive approach to maintaining your boat’s durability by protecting it from the damaging effects of salt, ultraviolet rays, and other hazardous elements. Taking steps such as caring for your boat seats against sun damage and applying protective waxes and sealants to your boat's hull is critical in preserving its longevity. Applying protective coatings and regularly rinsing off after each day at the water can go a long way in warding off possible corrosion or discoloration. It's also worth investing in materials such as canvas covers that shield your boat when it is not in use and prevent harmful UV radiation from wreaking havoc on the exterior surfaces of the vessel. Addressing these measures will allow you to enjoy recreation on the water while keeping your prized possession well-maintained over time.

1. Washing Your Boat Regularly
  • Saltwater can significantly harm your vessel if it isn't washed regularly and thoroughly. Salt crystals from the ocean can lead to scratches, abrasion, and other damage, while the salt itself can quickly cause rusting and deterioration of metals. Regular washing is, therefore, a good practice to preserve its structural integrity and aesthetics.
  • After every outing, rinse and flush the entire boat from bow to stern, and also make sure to use boat cleaning supplies to wipe down the stainless and varnished teak for maximum maintenance.
  • As a boat owner, paying particular attention to metal and wooden boat parts such as fishing rod holders, cleats, and anchors is essential. Check fishing rod holders periodically to ensure they are properly fastened, free of corrosion, and have a solid connection to the boat’s surface. Similarly, cleats should be regularly tightened to avoid movement or slipping during use. Anchors, too, must be inspected routinely for rust and corrosion that can compromise their strength while holding the vessel in place.
  • Every time you take it to the water, you must scrub down your vessel's exterior and interior properly. Give special attention to the deck hardware, pulleys, cockpit, and mast; these areas are especially vulnerable to salt buildup, which can corrode materials and negatively impact performance.
2. Polish Your Boat
  • Maintain the gel coat and polish your boat regularly, as it inhibits the growth and adherence of bacteria, algae, barnacles, and other invasive organisms that can damage or erode the hull over time.
  • Lubricating moving metal parts is an excellent way to keep them working efficiently. Lubricants effectively cool heated components while eliminating debris or particles that can clog the system.
  • Lubricants also create a cushioning layer that drastically reduces the friction experienced when components slide past each other. This allows for smoother maneuvers, increased efficiency of motion, and an extended lifetime for equipment.
3. Pay Close Attention to your Boat’s Outboard Motor
  • Saltwater accelerates metal corrosion, and prolonged exposure can cause rust to become an issue. To avoid such a scenario, you should always remember to tilt your outboard motor up before leaving your boat to rest for an extended period in the water.
  • Tilting the outboard motor up protects it from corrosive elements and provides extra security from barnacles and other underwater debris that could damage the motor.
  • Regularly changing your oil is essential for optimal engine performance and a safe journey out on the water. Without this measure, you are at risk of an unexpected and potentially dangerous engine seizure, leaving you stranded or, even worse, involved in a boat accident.
4. Wax Your Boat
  • While cleaning your boat regularly would be the minimum requirement for keeping it in optimal condition, using a compound wax designed for boats can further reduce the damage from UV rays on your vessel's exterior, making it more resistant to any long-term harm and keeping it looking great longer.
  • The ideal time for waxing is usually at least once annually, or more frequently if it is exposed to intense UV rays over prolonged periods.
  • Waxing provides an extra layer of protection against the buildup of debris, as well as many other hull contaminants that are encountered while boating.
5. Maintain the Small Metal Fixtures
  • The importance of small metal fixtures known as “galvanic anodes” or “zincs” to help protect the vital metal parts of a boat from corroding cannot be overstated.
  • To ensure top performance, owners should inspect zincs at least once a year—if they show signs that they have lost half their mass, they should be replaced immediately.
6. Use High-Quality Boat Cover
  • Investing in a high-quality boat cover can provide superior protection to your boat, regardless of whether it’s stored indoors or outdoors and when you pull it onto the trailer.
  • It will also guard against theft and vandalism, as criminals generally struggle to steal from covered boats.
  • A good cover will keep animals out, too, and most importantly, preserve the internal parts of the boat by preventing them from fading due to exposure to sunlight and cracking due to its heat.
Trust EliteShield to Protect Your Boat
EliteShield is an industry leader offering heavy-duty automotive and marine covers for over two decades. We believe in continually innovating and revolutionizing our products. From semi-custom fit covers to stylish dual-tone options, EliteShield has pushed the envelope to provide quality protection for your investments. These covers replicate classic looks with modern touches like high-tech fabrics and finish to ward off UV damage and mildew so you can experience weatherproof comfort with every use.
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