To Cover or Not to Cover: The Argument for Covering Your ATV

To Cover or Not to Cover: The Argument for Covering Your ATV

by admin elite on October 27, 2022 Categories: News

Winter is almost here and soon you’ll need to put away your ATV. It’ll be in storage for a while, but you know your ATV is dependable. So dependable, you might decide against keeping it covered over winter. If you think you don’t need a cover, think again. An ATV cover can go a long way in keeping your favorite four wheeler safe during winter. It’s a savvy investment that can extend the life of your powersports vehicle.

Top 5 Things to Consider

  • Quality Matters! Invest in a High-Quality ATV Cover - Good protection for your ATV starts with a high-quality ATV cover. Whether you’re storing your ATV indoors or outdoors, a cover will provide the defense you need to get it through winter. A custom or semi-custom cover will fit your ATV best, giving you more reliable protection than a universal cover might. Elite Shield offers ATV covers that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Outdoor Storage Frees Up Garage Space - You want to give your ATV a safe, dependable place to stay for the winter. Sometimes space is limited. If you’d like, you can store your ATV outside. Your four wheeler will be easier to access and you’ll free up your garage space for other valuables. If you’re going to store your ATV outdoors, you’ll need to be careful. A cheap, inadequate, ill-fitting cover will leave your ATV vulnerable to bad weather. For dependable protection, exclusive Elite Shield covers like the TitanShield ATV Covers have a hydrophobic finish that effectively repels rain and snow.

  • An Indoor Cover Offers Even Greater Protection - Storing your ATV indoors is the safest option. Giving your ATV an indoor cover can provide another layer of defense. Indoor covers made from lightweight, breathable materials are the best option. The material’s breathability helps protect your ATV against inside moisture that might cause rust or mildew while it sits in storage. Covers are great at keeping dust out too. If you want a lightweight indoor cover, then Elite Shield FeatherShield ATV Covers are the perfect investment for ATV owners. The FeatherShield also uses a strap and buckle system to secure it to your ATV, giving you increased wind and water resistance.

  • A Good Cover Makes Cleanup Faster - When you finally uncover your ATV for spring, you want to make sure it’s in the same condition you left it in. Indoor covers protect your ATV against many different hazards, including mildew, dust, and rust. This makes cleaning up your four wheeler much easier once you break it out in spring. With a solid cover and careful planning, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat in no time.

  • Winter Protection is an Ongoing Process! - Covering your ATV provides valuable protection, but there are plenty other preventive care measures you can take. Give your ATV a good cleaning before storing it. Rinse, lubricate, and grease all the necessary parts. Fill your tires to their maximum capacity; this helps prevent low tire pressure while your ATV is in storage. Take the time to change your ATV’s oil and oil filter. Consider removing your filter to keep animals from finding their way inside it.

So, Should You Cover Your ATV?

The answer is yes, you should cover your ATV. Whether you are storing it outside where the elements can eat away at it, or you have it tucked in your garage, a cover is a necessary part of keeping your investment in the best possible condition. Elite Shield can help with that. We have a range of semi custom ATV cover options available and ready to ship to you today. Check out all of the semi custom covers we have available.