Keep Yourself Covered: Top 5 Reasons to Cover Your Boat

Keep Yourself Covered: Top 5 Reasons to Cover Your Boat

by admin elite on June 13, 2022 Categories: News
If you own a boat, you already know the investment that kind of recreational vehicle purchase requires. Boats aren’t cheap, and for good reason. They are designed to take you and your friends and family across bodies of water that can be deep enough for you to seriously injure or kill yourself should you have some kind of issue.  

People prepare for this unexpected environment by making sure they have life jackets stored on board for themselves, but sometimes don’t realize that their boat also needs a boat cover for protection. And not all boat covers are created equal! Many people simply look to buy a boat cover from a store near them. Basic ones like those from Wal-Mart boat covers, or unbranded Amazon boat covers (or elsewhere online) don’t have more than two decades of experience to inform their designs. Low quality covers are bound to rip, tear, not fit right, or leak. EliteShield® has been producing covers for more than 20 years, fine tuning fabrics and designs to stand up to some of the roughest environments vehicles, especially boats, can be in.

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Top 5 Reasons You Need to Get a Boat Cover

  1. Get Your Boat Out Faster - The whole reason you have a boat is so you can enjoy using it. You can only enjoy using it when the weather cooperates, so why would you want to waste time cleaning up a whole fall and winter's worth of debris before you can get out on the lake, river, or ocean? Don’t answer… That was rhetorical. What you were about to say is you don’t, and that's why you need to cover your boat. Boat covers make breaking out your boat for the season so much simpler and easy. Maximize your time on the water, and minimize your time with a shop-vac and a bucket by covering your boat when you’re not enjoying it. 


  1. Stay UV Safe - The Sun is one of the most powerful forces mankind has ever known… and has a tendency to do whatever it wants. This includes damaging stuff you may have paid a TON of money for. UV rays can be terribly damaging to your watercraft. Not only does it fade and degrade paint and other finishes on your boat, but also damages and cracks the materials that make up your seats, hull, and basically everything else it can reach. A high quality boat cover can save you from this reality. The Sun is awesome, but too much exposure is dangerous. Make sure you are protecting your investment with a boat cover today.   


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  1. Don’t Be A Target - The vast majority of birds are really pretty animals. They sing and brighten up our mornings, watching them is a hobby shared by millions of people across our planet, and they even make great pets for those that like them that much. The problem is they have absolutely no respect for the stuff we humans leave outside. Cleaning up bird droppings is an absolute pain, and what makes it worse is knowing that simply covering your boat or watercraft in between uses could have saved you all of that pretty gross hassle. Get yourself a cover that will not only keep your boat safe from the sun, but also from those winged beasts that are just waiting for you to be looking the other way. 


  1. No Unwanted Guests -  While birds are looking at your uncovered boat as free real estate, so are land based pests. Species ranging from rodents to feral cats to even larger ones like sea lions or deer in some areas look at a boat as upscale waterfront condos at an unbeatable price. And while it sounds fun to have some furry friends to sail with, they can cause a lot of damage. Wires get chewed through, seats get scratched up and used for bedding, and it becomes obvious that their hygiene habits are not fit for polite company. Save yourself and your sanity from the damage that comes from these unwanted guests, and get a cover for your boat to make sure they just stay out.


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  1. Guards Against Water/Mildew/Mold Damage - The sun, birds, and land based animals are not the only things trying to damage your boat. Mold and mildew are real concerns  that you need to account for. This very real threat will destroy your seats and any upholstery that you have in your boat and it costs a ton of money to fix. Not to mention the headache of getting rid of eau de mildew. Additionally, even though they are water based vehicles, you don’t want to just let water accumulate and sit in your vessel. That’s how you get mosquitos. Water is meant for the outside of your boat, with the inside meant for people to enjoy. Cover your boat, save the headache and time that comes without one. 

    Keep Yourself (and Your Boat) Covered

    If you’re not  convinced that you  need to purchase a quality boat cover from EliteShield, then you’re living life on the edge.  Boat covers protect your not insignificant investment from all kinds of things and animals that want to harm your property. A boat cover will also make it worlds easier to break that boat out in the spring and start enjoying that toy that you spent so much of your hard earned money on. There are areas in life where going the cheaper, easier route will work just fine… This isn’t one of them. If you want to keep your boat looking great, riding great, and in a condition where you can profit if you ever need to move without it, then you need a boat cover from EliteShield. With our massive selection of protective covers, we are sure to have what you need to keep your boat shipshape. Shop our selection today!